African Traditional Religion & Spiritual Warfare

African Traditional Religion & Spiritual Warfare

African Traditional Religion & Spiritual Warfare


It has been authenticated that, *The African is incurably religious”. Worship and ritual observances are not new to the African. Many ancestral stories depict the concept of deity. It is further confirmed that ‘nobody teaches a child about God.”

The greatest need we have in the missionary circles now is among the Unreached People Groups (UPGs). These are people groups who are generally believed to ‘not have accepted Christ as Lord and Personal Savior. It is further believed that even those who believe are too few to impact their own people. The situation is worsened by apparent nominalism which is confirmed by research.

“No one has the right to hear the gospel twice when others have not yet heard it once” Oswald J Smith

The most recent research into the UPGs in Ghana shows that they are all embroiled in Islam, Ancestral worship, animism, and various forms of idolatry. All of the UPGs are either strongly Islamic or deeply rooted in traditional practices. The two most endemic forms of traditional religious affiliation are ancestor worship and animism.

  1. 14 are strong in Islam with syncretistic elements of idolatry which borders on cults in Islam. Most were originally traditional worshipers.
  2. 5 of them are strong in traditional worship but has links with Islam.

Some Definitions:

Animism is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures are all …spirits with whom humans share the world/cosmos.

Basic Belief Systems

Almost all cultures/people groups believe in both animism and ancestors. Ancestor worship deals with life after death.

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